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Thank you for taking out the time to hear our heart for “Reaching The Generations”. In the world in which we live many are hurting and need immediate attention and support in order for them to live and function in life on a daily basis. Our goal at Revival Fellowship Church is to reach out and to help our hurting world with the Love of God, and by creating solutions!

Our proven strategy is three-fold, first by providing the necessary resources and education to give knowledge and information to those in need of immediate assistance. Then, through mentoring and building their lives through learning fundamental principles in making quality life choices. Finally, we focus on professional training and developing their potential, talents, and God-given abilities found within each and everyone of them.

This is an exciting time and a rewarding journey, seeing the generations transformed and lives being changed one by one. We have cultivated a unique and personal approach, that builds the self-esteem and respects the individual. We help them conquer their fears and overcome the challenges of this life, and Dream Big! Each generation is important and regardless of background, race, or culture we are all given the ability to make a positive difference in this world if we can only find the support, mentoring, and proper educational environment to teach us.

Education is our main focus, that will develop and continually train the mind and heart of each individual. This will in turn help them to understand and cultivate how to make wise and mature decisions, regardless of their circumstances and negative pressures around them. One wise man said...Wisdom is the principal thing and in all thy getting get understanding!

With your help and support of this Family Life & Education Center, we can change the world; one generation and one individual at a time. Every gift will be appreciated and help us reach the goal of educating and bringing solutions to a hurting world. We thank you in advance for any current and future generous financial gifts and resources to help us. Each generous gift is tax-deductible and will go towards changing the lives of hurting people through education, resources, and training.

We are expecting to raise $5,000,000 towards this project. So, thank you again in advance for your courage and love in being a part of building this world-class Family Life & Education Center that is Reaching The Generations!

May God Bless You,

Your Pastor’s - Mr. & Mrs. Dorsey